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Give Kids A Smile Day Feb. 1: Free Care From 100 New Jersey Dentists For Children Through Age 12

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At KidZdent, it is our goal to make dentistry fun for young patients. At home, you can also create a dental care routine that your child can look forward to. While it’s important to discuss dental treatments and keep bi-annual visits to the dentist, here are some tips to make taking care of kids’ oral health fun between dental appointments.

Brush and floss together. Make your at-home oral care routines a bonding moment between yourself and your child. By brushing and flossing together, you set a good example of daily oral health practices. Kids mimic what their parents do, so show them how well you brush and floss! Once you’ve finished cleaning your own smile, help your child floss and reach all teeth if they are too young to do so on their own. Once children can start taking care of their own teeth, help the recommended two minutes of brushing teeth pass quickly by playing their favorite song.

Special brushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Another way to make oral health fun for your child is letting them choose their dental goodies. There are a variety of different colored tooth brushes and brands that feature your child’s favorite cartoon or superhero. Some toothbrushes are designed to keep kids occupied while brushing by playing a song for two minutes or lighting up. This will keep the task entertaining.

Rewards and outings after the dentist Regular checkups are an important part of good dental hygiene for every member of your family. Bringing your child along to your visits allows them to develop a trusting relationship with the dentist. However, if they’re anxious about their appointments, surprise your child with some fun time at the park or a family outing to their favorite restaurant or for ice cream after a successful visit.

The Rowan College at Burlington County Dental Hygiene Center provides low-cost oral health services for a nominal $5 charge per visit. They are provided by students under the supervision of the college’s talented dental hygiene faculty.

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