Lanternfly Alert; Walk For Mental Health in Cranford


lrtnFlyNymph The spotted lanternfly — that invasive species from Asia which can feed on about 70 types of plants — will be spending at another summer in New Jersey.

The insect can travel on various forms of transportation over long distances, which contributes to its widespread population in the United States. Drivers should check their vehicles before traveling to ensure that the laternfly is not trying to catch a ride.

During this time of the year, the lanternfly is in its nymph stage, when it is colored black with white spots. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) encourages people to familiarize themselves on the spotted lanternfly’s different stages of growth — and to stomp on them when “spotted.”

Grants are available to New Jersey county and municipal government from the NJDA for reimbursement of the cost of chemical treatments against the spotted lanternfly.


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