Laparoscopic Surgeons of Morris Announces New Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Procedure

Source New Jersey Bariatric
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons of Morris New Jersey today announced that the first commercial patient has received the ReShape Intragastric Dual Balloon System following its approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July.
ReShape provides a new option for adults with a BMI of 30-40 and a related health condition who haven’t succeeded at diet and exercise alone, and do not want or do not qualify for bariatric surgery. Two connected balloons have the largest fill volume available, taking up more space in the stomach than the old style single balloons. It is designed for greater comfort by distributing the fill volume across two balloons which allows the device to conform to the natural shape of the stomach. And it is the only intragastric balloon that is designed to help prevent the migration of a deflated balloon from the stomach into the intestines.
Performed at Florham Park Surgery Center by Dr. Alexander Abkin, the approximately 20-minute non-surgical procedure is the first in New Jersey to be successfully done. “ReShape is working in partnership with physicians that have the skills and capabilities to help patients achieve their best results,” said Richard Thompson, President and CEO of ReShape Medical. “Patients can feel confident that ReShape providers will work with them to take advantage of all of the tools available in the 12-month program.”
Comprehensive dietary support and follow-up is done at Dr. Abkin’s bariatric office in Florham Park, NJ and is integrated into established bariatric patient management offered to achieve successful weight loss, and access to the innovative ReShape Patient Portal that provides a unique experience as patients track their food intake, exercise and weight loss. The portal includes an online support community where patients can interact with each other and receive helpful tips and healthy recipes. ReShape also provides patients with support tools including a portion plate to kick start behavior modification, a wireless Fitbit® scale and a Fitbit activity tracker that automatically sync to the patient portal.
“The ReShape Intragastric Dual Balloon offers an innovative and truly effective advancement in non-surgical weight loss options, but it is only part of the solution,” said Dr. Abkin. “With the intragastric dual balloon in place, participation in counseling and access to the support tools we provide are crucial to helping patients adjust their eating habits and adapt a healthier life style for long term success.”

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