Legendary Drummer Liberty DeVito Explains How Sobriety Changed His Life

Source: COA Radio.com
On the latest “Wings Over Water: Creativity in Recovery” radio show, musician and host Kathy Moser talks with legendary drummer Liberty DeVitto about sobriety and how getting clean has completely changed his life and career.
“You create more when you’re sober,” he says. “You play longer and harder. I was in a bubble for 30 years because I was a rock star,” he says. “But I was still a jerk because of the drugs and alcohol. My life totally turned around when I got into recovery.”
Many artists believe that drugs are essential for them to create. Countless musicians and performers, writers, photographers and other visual artists think that drugs fuel their passion.
In this radio show, Kathy Moser debunks that myth thru interviews with leading musicians and cultural icons. She records episodes on location across the U.S., visiting rehabs, recovery events and major music festivals including Rockers in Recovery’s Hopefest, where this episode was recorded.
Along with Liberty’s memories of how addiction affected his friends in the music world, including Jimi Hendrix and others, this episode of “Wings Over Water: Creativity in Recovery” includes music from Billy Joel, Phoebe Snow and the Slim Kings. Liberty DeVitto played with Billy Joel for over 30 years. He has also been an active session musician with other big acts such as Carly Simon, Phoebe Snow, Karen Carpenter, Rick Wakeman, Bob James and Meat Loaf.
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