Lyndhurst Soccer Club Offering Free Online Workouts

North Jersey Alliance Futbol Club (NJAFC) is organizing a series of free Instagram and Facebook “Fit Club” sessions to get everyone to abandon their pandemic-induced couch sitting and into a more healthy lifestyle.

The first session will be broadcast live at 7 p.m. Tuesday, on Instagram at @njalliancefc. The sessions, which last 20 to 30 minutes, will feature a variety of trainers and styles adaptable for couch potatoes as well as a variety of sports.

Club President Edgar Guardia said the idea started as remote conditioning sessions for children interested in the nonprofit semi-pro soccer club, and blossomed from there.

“The adult players wanted to join in because we couldn’t use the fields,” Guardia said. “Then the family and friends of the players wanted to join in. The idea came from that.”

The first session will feature Ramsey High School graduate and club member Valerie Bedrock.

“During the last soccer season I was given the opportunity to lead the fitness segment of our women’s practices,” Bedrock said. “Since COVID, we haven’t been able to train together. Now I get to train with my teammates again, plus their families and friends.”

The workouts will feature a variety of trainers such as yoga instructor Erica Page. Bedrock says the program leaders will take time to explain low- to high-impact versions of each movement so the largest span of skill levels can participate.

“Difficulty is the biggest obstacle in exercise,” Bedrock said. “If the person is not able to complete the exercise, it deters them from logging on again. We work in a lot of progression in movements so everyone can participate at their level.”

The programs do not require special exercise equipment, Bedrock said. The goal is to encourage participation at every level.

“This is on Instagram, so there’s no screen sharing, no one watching you,” Bedrock said. “Just you and the trainer, not some crazy boot camp in the city.”

The programs will be offered once a week to start, but may expand.

I have no idea where it’s going, but I am looking forward to participating myself,” Guardia said.

Since 2012, NJAFC’s primary focus is “to provide families and players the opportunity to hone their craft at a professional level.” Their women’s and men’s teams play in the Garden State Soccer League, the United Premier Soccer League and the Women’s Premier Soccer League, at the semi-professional and amateur level.

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