Mahwah Boy Scouts Create Covid Memorial; NJ Virtual Mental Health Wellness

Sources: ABC 7 NYC; New Jersey Mental Health Association

There was an intimate community gathering at a now very special place in Mahwah, New Jersey.

“You can sit and reflect on all the pandemic has cost each one of us,” said Phil Colella.

What was once all brush is now a beautiful path in Winter’s Park — with a memorial made of four pieces of blue stone positioned like a compass.

The work was done by the small hands and big hearts of the Cub Scouts Pack 197.

“We moved these giant branches on the path from the woods,” said Jack Parlstein.

As part of their community service project, it was an idea that started two years ago but then pivoted toward helping the community deal with the pandemic.

“What great kids, scouts you have – to want to give back to their community is remarkable,” said Kim Bolan.

More than two dozen kids dedicated every Saturday for months. “I put my blood, sweat, and tears into it for all those who have lost their lives to COVID,” said Cole Colella.

And all that hard work is now appreciated by so many.


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