Swedesboro: Mario Carpino’s 8th Annual Children’s Cancer Fundraiser

Source: Mario’s Fight (Facebook)
We are raising funds online this year. So from your comfy couch, please donate and help us find a cure for childhood cancer. Our goal is $10,000 — If you could help, it would mean the world to us.

Mario Carpino has been battling inoperable brain tumors since he was 4 years old. He has been through so much and still continues to fight. But despite Mario’s own battles with brain tumors, he also fights to raise money for a cure. He has lost so many friends to this disease, and he misses them so much!

Editor’s note: And speaking of friends, in celebration of the anniversary of their first meetup, Mario got to hang out with his favorite rocker Jon Bon Jovi during a sound check on the Bon Jovi This House Is Not For sale tour.

No one will ever know (besides an oncology parent) what our hero has been through. It’s been ten years of a constant fight — ten years of battling inoperable brain tumors that affect Mario every day! I don’t post a lot about what these tumors have caused, or all of his struggles!

Mario wants to help all children battling this horrible disease. Mario has been fighting since 2011 — it’s something that his entire family loves helping him do. It’s the only thing Mario has ever wanted to do because he lost to many friends to this disease.

Your donation will truly make a difference in these children’s lives. Your support means a lot, and every dollar counts — if you could spare ten, five, or even one dollar, it would mean so much!

Mario needs your help — he can’t fight alone!!!

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