Martinsville: Doctor Gets Local and Pro Athletes Moving Again

Source: TapInto New Jersey

Bridgewater native Dr. Justin Rabinowitz, who treats Major League Baseball players, has returned to his hometown and opened Strive2Move, a chiropractic and sports injury practice.

Rabinowitz’s passion to help get athletes moving again can be linked back to the time when he broke his back playing football in 2003 at Bridgewater-Raritan High School. “I was bounced from doctor to doctor and no one took care of it,” said Rabinowitz.

He ended up having back surgery done, but Rabinowitz said the surgery could’ve probably been avoided with the right care.

Strive2Move focuses on removing the pain and helping active adults (ages 35-65) and athletes get moving again.

Each session is customized to a person’s individual needs. Rabinowitz helps treat parents of young children suffering from back pain to professional athletes.

Rabinowitz’s main takeaway is the personalized treatment and relationship he builds with his clients.

“I see so many people who feel abandoned by the traditional system. They spend less time with the doctor and have less of a relationship,” said Rabinowitz. “A huge part of what we do is, I know, if I build that rapport, people will heal.”

“I was 18 at the time and I knew what treatment I was getting was not correct,” said Rabinowitz. “I went on this journey to figure it out.”

Dr. Rabinowitz, who formerly served as the chiropractor for Rutgers University Women’s Gymnastics Team, dedicated his studies to this passion and opened Strive2Move in 2015 in Warren. Now he is returning to his hometown of Martinsville where he moved his practice to 1910 Washington Valley Road.

“The main thing for me is it is nice thing to get back into the community,” said Rabinowitz.

For more information, visit; call 908-547-0729; or email dr justin @ strive2

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