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New Jersey is one of twenty-one states (plus the district of Columbia), that have legalized medical marijuana. This week, made history by debuting a commercial for its services in New Jersey. Unfortunately for those who really could benefit from its services, the commercial does not make a good first impression.

Its “star” is a sleazy-looking, slick-talking, alley-creeping peddler of…sushi. Yes, sushi: “I got tuna, salmon, sweet shrimp…I’ll throw in some rice paper, man — totally free.” Then an announcer asks, “You wouldn’t buy your sushi from this guy. So why would you buy your marijuana from him?”

Well, you would if it’s the ONLY way to buy it, and you wanted it that badly! But shouldn’t the question be, “Why would you buy MEDICAL marijuana from him?” And if you’re trying to present yourself as the “simple, confidential, safe” alternative to buying medical marijuana off the (back)streets, isn’t showcasing the advantages of a smarter marketing strategy?

The site spells out the qualifications for New Jersey medical marijuana: in addition to your being a legal New Jersey resident, your physician must be registered with the Department of Health and Senior Services and its Medicinal Marijuana program. Most important, you must have a qualifying condition such as glaucoma, epilepsy, AIDS, cancer, or “a prognosis of less than 12 months of life.”

That doesn’t sound “simple” at all, but that is not a complaint: contrary to the commercial’s implications, medical marijuana is not and should not be for anyone who can afford a “recommendation” from the “right” kind of doctor. And for the benefit of those of you who are not skilled at speed-reading fine print, here’s what’s buried in commercial’s disclaimer:

“This company does not engage in the sale of marijuana, nor is this ad a solicitation to purchase marijuana. We are a referral group for individuals seeking advice from licensed physicians about the benefits or uses of medical marijuana.”

That’s something to be ashamed of? If a referral service is all they are, why don’t they just say so? Like this:

“In New Jersey, you can now take the risk out of obtaining medical marijuana. is a legal, confidential, and safe referral service where you can get information from licensed physicians about medical marijuana. Visit our Web site, or call
1 (886) 996-9333, to find out if your condition qualifies.”

That way you could throw in some visuals of a patients consulting doctors, and you’ve got a commercial that’s targeted, accurate, professional, reassuring, and above all, dignified. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression — especially not when medical decisions hang in the balance.

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