Medical Warning Against Vaginal Glitter Capsules

First, the trend was vajazzling — gluing crystals where your pubic hair used to be and running the risk of bacterial infections. Now it’s vaginal glitter capsules.
Called Passion Dust, its manufacturers emphasize that the “only purpose” of the glitter capsules is “to add a sparkle and flavor to your natural vaginal fluids.” That’s what they say, but medical experts are warning that the effects might not be limited to enhanced sexual passion.
The problem is, the glittery substance contained in the gelatin capsule are sugar-based, that sugar could increase the production of bad bacteria in the vagina and lead to bacterial vaginosis. It could also damage your healthy vaginal bacteria, leading to infections and putting users at greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.
At the website of the company that sells passion dust, they state that its “contents…are not harmful, but medical professionals are obligated by their oath to advise women against the use of products such as Passion Dust or any product that introduces foreign bodies or objects into a woman’s vagina.”
“We understand that, which is why at the end of the day it is a matter of choice for a woman. We do not want women to fear trying Passion Dust. But if you have pre-existing issues or a history of vaginal issues such as yeast infections or are just hypersensitive, then of course we do not advise you to use it.”
According to obstetrician and gynecologist Shazia Malik, the ingredients used in these capsules could cause painful inflammatory discharge and even tiny scratches to the vagina. “Using a product like this so called passion dust might actually kill off any passion at all,” she said.
“The starch and gelatin will increase the pH as well as add sugar to vaginal secretions — which will encourage harmful bacteria and fungi such as Candida to thrive,” Dr. Malik adds. “This causes increased discharge and a painful inflamed vagina, which causes painful intercourse.
“Also the glitter capsules can cause tiny scratches to the vaginal mucosa during sex, again allowing harmful bacteria to infect the vaginal walls. Even worse it’s possible that some glitter pieces may even migrate up through the cervix in to the womb lining and have exactly the same effects there.”
Shakespeare said it best — all that glitters is not gold.

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