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National Alliance On Mental Illness: New Jersey Chapters

The National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness.
Through education, support, advocacy and public awareness programs, NAMI New Jersey fosters understanding about mental illness, confronts stigma often associated with mental disorders, advocates for public policies that benefit those affected by mental illness, and promotes research into the causes, treatment and recovery of mental health disorders.
NAMI New Jersey coordinates a variety of programs which make it possible for health care providers, educators, law enforcement, patients and the general public to learn the facts about mental illness.
Families of children with mental health needs benefit from the support and expertise of NAMI New Jersey staffers who know first hand the issues they confront every day. And NAMI New Jersey’s veterans support educates both its members and mental healthcare providers on veterans, their families, and their unique needs and culture.
NAMI New Jersey has also gained considerable expertise in the area of multi-cultural outreach and program development, which is coordinated with education for mental health professionals to help them better understand cultural and treatment issues relevant to the African American, Chinese, Latino and  South Asian communities.
NAMI New Jersey is guided by the goals of creating a responsive mental health system that promotes wellness and recovery, and early intervention to minimize suffering. We are proud of our leadership and achievements in providing education and advocacy aimed at eliminating the unjust stigma associated with mental illness.

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