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Headache and Migraine Awareness: ThinkMigraine.com · (HeadacheMigraine.org · National Headache Fndn. 7-Second Freeze Challenge · New Jersey Specialists · Donate

The National Headache Foundation is inviting you to participate in the Seven Second Freeze Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to bring awareness to the pain of migraine disease and headache disorders, and to raise money for education and research.

How the challenge works – Record a video of yourself drinking an icy beverage in 7 seconds, keep the camera rolling when you get a brain freeze, then post on social media with hashtags #NHFreeze #FreezeChallenge. You can also still donate and nominate others to do the challenge.

Get your phone ready or have a friend record you
Quickly (about 7 seconds) drink an icy or slushy drink
Experience brain freeze (it only lasts a few seconds)
Challenge 3 friends to take the Seven Second Freeze Challenge
Post your videos to social media with hashtags #NHFreeze #FreezeChallenge

Make a donation at Headaches.org or text headaches to 61094

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