Monroe Township Cancer Family Needs Support; Alzheimer’s Caregivers Meeting

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The Mohrs are a beloved Monroe Township family: Chris (dad), Judi (mom) and twins Max & Eleanor, who are 8 years old.

Judi has been dealing with cancer for a couple of years, and has had a second recurrence. She had undergoing chemotherapy, but due to complications, it was stopped. Unfortunately, Judi’s condition took a turn for the worse, and she is currently in hospice care as she is too sick and weak for more medical intervention.

Chris has worked on a limited basis between going back and forth to the hospital as well as taking care of the children. He tries to give them some sense of normalcy, and Max has therapies he is undergoing as well. Unexpected medical and home bills are incurring, and the family needs some help.

If we are able to raise the funds, they will ensure that Chris spends as much time with Judi as possible during this critical time as well as enable him to maintain their home and provide the twins what they need.

Your donations will be used by Chris for household expenses (utilities, mortgage) as well as to assist with medical bills. Right now, he is spending as much time with Judi as possible during this final time in her life while also ensuring that the twins’ needs are met. Donations of ShopRite gift cards, or gift cards for local places that deliver, are welcomed as well.

Let’s help to give the Mohrs some peace of mind, and continue to pray for all of them, especially for Judi’s health and the well being. Chris thanks everyone for all of your support during this impossible time.

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