Movement to Stretch & Flex Class for Seniors ONLY – Guttenberg, NJ

It is no surprise during the bitter cold weather that stretching and flexibility movements tend to be the most overlooked and neglected among active adults and seniors. However, there is nothing more important to keeping an aging body limber, pliable and injury free.
Gina Jackson, Founder/Director of locally owned/operated Pilates4Fitness studio, announced today that she will be offering a 30-minute class, twice weekly, designed expressly for the senior adult population, effective February 3, 2014.
As the body ages, our muscles naturally lose their elasticity and tone if one is not active. Simple activities like bending over to pick up an item from the floor, tying one’s shoes, or reaching up for an out-of-touch item can sometimes be greeted with a wince or a groan. However, regular and consistent movement keeps all the joints and muscles feeling “oiled and lubricated,” and the exercises of the studio’s “Senior’s Move” class – all Pilates based and/or inspired – will use graceful, fluid movements to increase and maintain muscle and joint flexibility as well as support balance and coordination.
Jackson states, “the goal of the class is to simultaneously strengthen and stretch each participant’s total body, such that they walk away feeling lifted, buoyant and ready for the day.”
The new class series is being introduced as part of the studio’s February 2014 “Love Yourself” programs and in recognition that life, health and fitness require consistent, daily maintenance. Classes will meet Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15am for 30 minutes. Limited slots are available and reservations are made via the studio online scheduler: 10 Classes for $9/Class – Single Class for $12/class. All classes will take place in the Pilates4Fitness Movement Space 7000 JFK Blvd East, Mall at the Galaxy, Suite M6, Guttenberg, NJ 07093.
Gina Jackson, Founder/Director is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and a NY Power Pilates Certified Instructor. She maintains a regular weekly workout within the Pilates studio in addition to enjoying Yoga regularly in Hoboken, NJ. The Pilates4Fitness Movement Space has combined her love and passion for Pilates as well as traditional strength and conditioning with a few “non-traditional” body movement tools.

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