Musician With Multiple Health Issues Needs Financial Help – Part 2

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Back in Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Went to eat dinner. Came in the door round 10. Dropped to my knees in pain. Was fine walking in the door.

CT scan shows where they re-attached my intestine to my stomach has torn and air has entered my stomach. Back to the operating table tonight. Not good.

Apparently the surgery I have been recovering from has failed. I was rushed to hospital and now going for emergency surgery. Essentially redoing it all again.

I was a bit ashamed honestly. But my buddy did this for me. I am not ashamed any longer to ask.

Hi This is Steve Sprauge from the Lovelight band. One of the things that I love about Richard Greene is his ability to bring people together for music or a good cause. He has been there for countless people in our music community, and has been instrumental in promoting Lovelight Shows for 8+ years.

Rich has been unable to work for 7months due to serious surgery and a lot of healing time. He is still recovering and taking it one day at a time, working on his passion for music and hoping to get back to construction work soon.

We just received word that Rich’s surgery will have to be redone. He is currently in surgery and we are praying for a good outcome.

I ask if you can spare a little donation please do, it will go a long way…this is a generous man who needs our help right now.

I am raising the goal amount so we can get it together to help him with recovery. Thank You for your Support. Please help. I need it

Musician With Multiple Health Issues Needs Financial Help
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