Teaneck Hospital Offers Free Online Symptom Checker; Beware of Winter Carbon Monoxide

Sources: Holy Name.rog; NJFamily.com
Are you feeling under the weather? Are you experiencing a nagging pain or other discomfort that you’ve been meaning to have checked out?
Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey now offers a free interactive Symptom Checker that can help you research health information about symptoms you may be experiencing.
Holy Name Medical Center is 361-bed acute care facility providing technologically advanced and leading edge care across a continuum that encompasses education, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and wellness maintenance. Holy Name has nearly 1,000 physicians, representing dozens of medical specialties, providing personal attention in a culturally-sensitive environment.
This digital Symptom Checker feature on the Holy Name Medical Center website offers the following options:
• Option to research adult or pediatric symptoms
• Select the location where you are experiencing symptoms
• Select symptoms which best fits what you are currently experiencing
• Evaluate whether the symptoms you are experiencing can be taken care of at home or if you need medical attention
Holy Name Medical Center is located at 718 River Road. To learn more about the Holy Name Medical Center Symptom Checker, go to: http://www.mybergen.com/holy-name-medical-center-news-bergen-county-healthcare

When the power goes out during a storm, we’re forced to use portable generators or other sources of power that can emit harmful carbon monoxide (CO)—an odorless, colorless gas that can kill you. The gas is found in fumes produced by things like generators, lanterns, gas stoves and burning wood. These sources can cause CO to build up, which can poison people and pets.
Carbon monoxide poisoning cases spike in the winter: according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 430 people die each year in the US from accidental CO poisoning and about 50,000 are hospitalized. Keep your family safe by changing the batteries in your CO detector every six months, not using an oven or gas range to heat your home and never leaving the car running in your garage.

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