New Jersey Summer Food Distribution

Sources:; US Dept. of Agriculture

School is out for summer. Students who receive free or reduced lunch during the academic year can continue to do so during the summer months thanks to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

USDA works closely with states to ensure that children who receive on free or reduced-price school meals can get the nutrition they need when schools are closed – whether during summer break or unexpected closures during the school year.

Through USDA’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), approved sites in communities across the country can serve meals to kids up to age 18 at no cost. Families can use this tool to find directions to nearby meal sites, as well as their hours of operation and contact information.

Often, people find themselves living in communities that are “fresh food deserts,” where local corner stores do not regularly stock nutritious fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

The Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ) not only helps get nutritious food into the hands of people in need, but we can also help connect them with additional social services like SNAP program benefits and more. Here’s how you can access food and services for families in need:

Mobile food pantries
provide monthly food distributions in neighborhoods designated as “food deserts.” By delivering trailer loads of healthy food to underserved populations, families can more easily access fresh produce and dairy as well as frozen proteins, which they would not otherwise be able to find or afford in their corner store.

Our newest distribution program was born out of the need to increase the amount of food FBSJ provides to areas with high rates of food insecurity and few food resources.

FBSJ sets up monthly, and, in some cases, bi-weekly mobile distributions directly in neighborhoods struggling with food insecurity, which provides easier access to food for individuals who struggle with access due to transportation, health, childcare, and other challenges.

Their Senior Nutrition Resource Supplement (SNRS) program operates transports food to recipients residing in senior living complexes or communities. FBSJ sets up mobile distributions directly inside senior living facilities, many of whose residents struggle with food insecurity.

Parents and guardians can text SUMMER MEALS to 914-342-7744; telephone 866-348-6479, go online for the the USDA Summer Food Rocks program locator.

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