New Princeton University Health Center

Source: Packet

Princeton University’s new health center will now be called the Frist Health Center following an undisclosed donation from Dr. Thomas Frist Jr., chair emeritus of the Frist Foundation and co-founder of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA Healthcare), which one of the largest healthcare providers in the country.

Set to be two times larger than the current McCosh Health Center, which currently houses University Health Services, the new location is at the intersection of Goheen Walk and Guyot Lane.

“Our primary goal in making this gift is to make the Princeton family healthier in mind, body and spirit,” Frist said. “In doing that, I hope the Frist Health Center will be a stimulus for others to emulate as time goes on, creating a multiplier effect at various institutions throughout the world.”

HCA takes care of millions of people each year, and said he thinks this gift is an extension of that mission. “A real opportunity for us to work with Princeton and make a great university even better,” he added.

The Frist Health Center is being constructed on the current site of Eno Hall and will incorporate a renovated Eno Hall with a significant new addition to the south.

The center will support an undergraduate student population that continues to increase. Princeton University expects an additional 500 undergraduate students over four years as the university grows its undergraduate student population in the coming years.

University Architect Ron McCoy added, “Adapting Eno Hall will preserve the architectural heritage of the University, and the Frist Health Center’s convenient location near other centers of student life, combined with its warm and inviting features, will provide University Health Services with new opportunities for cross-programming and campus collaboration.”

The center is going to include medical services ranging from outpatient medical to athletic medicine to global and community health to occupational health, and an overnight infirmary service.

Additionally, the expanded center will provider health promotion and prevention services, also counseling and psychological services, sexual harassment and assault advising, and resources and education (SHARE) office.

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