New Providence Cyclist Rides to Help End Alzheimer’s Disease


You may have seen him riding his road bike throughout the area wearing his optic colored cycling gear, New Providence resident Jim Madden is on a mission to help put an end to Alzheimer’s and other dementia.

The former councilman who was named Union County Volunteer of the Year in 2021 for his work with the New Providence Alliance, has taken his passion of cycling and is using it to help raise awareness and fund research for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Cycling has been a lifelong activity for Madden, but it was the pandemic that put him back in the saddle and exploring bike routes across the rolling hills of New Jersey, the Great Swamp, and an endless array of potential ride paths throughout Union, Essex and Morris counties. It was a family member and a reunion with his Rutgers University fraternity brothers who helped inspire his involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association.

“The Betas got together in Florida this past March, and I was surprised at how many of our families were affected by Alzheimer’s. I was planning on doing the Five Borough Ride in New York City, but when I received an invitation to the Nation’s Capital End ALZ cycling event in May, it just made a lot of sense to get involved.”

“I met Dr. Chris Weber, who’s responsible for communicating the global research landscape of Alzheimer’s and dementia, and the critical need for increased research funding from the public and private sectors…there’s so much we can all do to help move the chains of progress,” he said.

The event, held in the Washington DC area, raised over $330,000 with Madden finishing second in fundraising among the 300 participants. “These events allow the riders to all share ‘why we ride’ stories with each other. I’m inspired by these stories and their dedication to caring for family members as well those who are honoring a loved one who lost their battle,” Madden said.

Madden his dedicated his most recent ride in Texas to Jeanne Mancuso, “the wife of my fraternity brother Mike Mancuso. Folks such as Jeanne need more good days ahead and the more good days we can create, the more progress we can make in clinical practice and advancements.”

Madden is also now part of the national fundraising committee and has also become involved within the clinical trial process. “People can now sign up and swab to become part of the clinical research process. As I’ve said there’s so much progress being made and so much more to be done.

“I’d like to organize an End ALZ ride event in the tri-state area next yea,r and I’m hoping that this article can shed light on how people can get involved or contribute to Alzheimer’s Association. One hundred percent of all donations goes to ALZ research. Everyone can play a critical role either through involvement or contribution,” said Madden.

To contribute to Alzheimer’s Association please click here.

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