NJ Perinatal Associates: How to Quit Smoking While Trying to Get Pregnant

Source: NJ Perinatial Associates
The act of smoking is especially harmful for a woman who is trying to get pregnant, jeopardizing not only her health, but the prenatal risk of severely damaging her unborn child’s life. Whether you’re trying to conceive or simply know a friend or family member who could use this advice, here are some quitting tips:
A smart, proactive way to quit smoking is to create a strategic plan that will allow you to set boundaries, goals and guidelines for yourself that you can actually follow. Take out the time to write down and acknowledge your triggers, and to discuss your plan with family and friends; especially since your loved ones are bound to make sure you stick to it. Jot down short and long term goals, in addition to the ways you are going to deal with withdrawal.
Prior to trying to get pregnant, utilize nicotine replacements – they allow your body to still receive nicotine, minus the (more) harmful tobacco. When you choose to go the nicotine replacement route, be mindful that it is all about trial and error. Something that worked for your co-worker or friend might not work for you, and that is totally okay – especially when you think about all of the options that are readily available to you. Nicotine replacements include gum, the patch, sprays, inhalers and even lozenges.
Quitting cold turkey might not be feasible for everyone, but it’s smart for women who want to have a baby. The reason? This quitting method entails that the person trying to quit doe so abruptly and instantly, without any replacements, therapy or other type of outside support. It is a method that has proven to be difficult but effective, with fast and quick results, even though a small percentage have reported that this was the best methodology for them.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is psychological treatment that allows a person to alter their maladaptive thoughts, emotions and behaviors that have created or triggered the problems that have led them to smoking. These contributing issues could include anxiety, depression, addiction and a range of other psychological disorders. It includes relapse prevention along with preparation and quitting therapies.
While avoiding smoking triggers can certainly be difficult — especially if one of those triggers is a loved one or partner or who also smokes with or around you — it’s beneficial to your quitting attempt, and take away day-to-day temptations. Throwing away cigarettes, lighters and ash trays, avoiding caffeine, spending time with people who do not smoke and getting plenty of rest are all smart ways to overcome common triggers.

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