North Haledon Store Thrives On Getting People Healthy

Source: Hackensack Daily Voice
Taking the time to get to know her customers, finding out what products they want, and offering competitive prices so “optimal health and wellness” is accessible to everyone are hallmarks of Health Stop in North Haledon opened by Karen Lauber six years ago.
“We take the time to take suggestions and requests from customers, and readily will special-order any products that they show an interest in,” Lauber, of Franklin Lakes, said in an email exchange.
Keeping prices “affordable” means competing with chains like Whole Foods, and the online supplement market, Amazon, notably, Lauber said. “We always attempt to meet or sell for a lower price than is available at such retailers.”
The shop’s main theme, she explained, is giving customers “a result-producing alternative to the modern health care industry.”
“Our goal is to give people the opportunity to take their health into their own hands,” she continued. Her customers come from from all over Bergen and Passaic Counties, including Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, Lodi, West Milford and Clifton.
“Rather than rely on an increasingly impersonal pharmaceutical industry, we strive to tailor our service to the specific needs of each customer. We recognize that modern pharmaceuticals have their place, but also stress the caveats of reliance on modern medicine.”
“Time after time, we meet people who, entangled in the web of modern medicine, find themselves in a state of declining health rather than improving. We attempt to address the cause of the imbalance rather than masking the symptom,” Lauber explained.
Health Stop carries a variety of organic, non-GMO gluten and common allergen free foods; pasta, cereal, bread, vegan burgers, and a selection of grass-fed, organic meats and local honey, among products.
“I am adamantly dedicated to providing a personalized customer experience. We take great pleasure in meeting with customers face-to-face and discussing with them exactly what issues they are undergoing. We then take the time to help them fine-tune their supplement regimen and diet to one specifically suited for their individual needs,” said Lauber.

The Health Stop is located at 575 High Mountain Rd, North Haledon, N.J. For more information, visit or call (973) 949-4330.

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