Oakhurst: Chemical Engineer Attacks Myths Surrounding Morgellons Disease


Source: KEYC News

Richard Kuhns of Oakhurst, New Jersey is a chemical engineer and author of How To Get Your Life Back From Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, And Other Skin Parasites. The book just went into its eighth edition, and he’s fed up with all the lies and deadly myths surrounding the controversial condition known as Morgellons disease, and is proud to announce that he is making it his mission to get the facts out.

In his studies of the disease since 1995, Kuhns has heard every rumor, myth, and assertion from Morgellons being an agent created by the Army for biological warfare to being an offshoot of Monsanto’s GMO program modifying our DNA. Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claim that it is a mental health issue — naming it delusional parasitosis — and not of organic origin. So, why take on this fight?

Kuhns answers, “Someone has got to curate the real news regarding Morgellons and keep them up-to-date with all the positive studies that help them get the treatment they so desperately need.” He wants sufferers of the disease not to lose hope when they are being bombarded with so much fake news they don’t know who to believe anymore. His book unravels the mysterious symptoms associated with Morgellons diseases and how to deal with them.

Because the symptoms are so bizarre, the medical community at large considers these patients to be suffering from a delusion that they’ve been infected by bugs, which Kuhns says “makes it that much tougher to weed out the wild conspiracy theories from real research going on behind the scenes. That’s why I have taken up the fight — to help those who suffer when no one else will.”

Kuhns continues, “Things have come a long way since then, but the dream of all these people is that the CDC wake up and do real research to verify Morgellons is of organic origin and the FDA wake up and get rid of Monsanto from rotating their executives in and out of the FDA. The desire is so great to achieve this that some people will do anything to link Morgellons to whatever pushes their agenda forward.”

It has been an uphill battle, especially when many of the leading researchers have dismissed his information. But Kuhns is in it for the long haul, stating: “It’s not about me, but those people who are suffering right now! I’ve been there and suffered skin parasites myself for a very long time.

“Since I have been at the forefront of Morgellons research, I believe I can steer patients away from the false claims and give them information that can aid in their recovery.”

More information about Richard Kuhn’s book and Morgellon’s disease is available at: albert @ getyourlifebackllc.com or BestMorgellonsCure.com

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