Old Bridge: Elderly Care As A Mission

Source: Princeton Packet

The Reformed Church Home sits on a 15-acre property designed to give the best level of care for aging seniors.

“What makes our home different is that we are a non-profit and church affiliated. For me that makes the biggest difference, as a church sponsored home, elderly care is a mission, not a business. The mission of the home is to take care of our elders in a spiritual environment,” said Kate Shepard, Executive Director at the Reformed Church Home.

The facility provides residents with either assisted living, skilled living, and the in-patient rehabilitation on each of its three floors, according to Director of Marketing Andrea Walls.

Assisted living is an apartment home-like setting for residents who may need just some assistance, with aides are always available outside of resident’s apartment doors. Skilled living is senior living for residents in need of long term care assistance for normal activities of daily living. The rehabilitation floor has on-site physical, occupational and speech therapists who tailor rehab plans for each of the residents.

“The one thing we hope for every family member is that they have a piece of mind,” Shepard said. “We want them to feel that their love ones are being properly taken care of, that they are being stimulated, and that there is a comfort level that staff is taking care of them. For me people are trusting us with their most valuable resource, which is loved ones.”

Shepard has been executive director of Reformed Church Home for 19 years and has seen the changes through her tenure. She says that the best part of the job is that residents know her and the staff.

“Our goal is to have comfort level here for the seniors living with us. We are blessed that we have a lot of longevity here on the staff,” she said. “That a lot of the staff stay. You learn the nuisances of residents and their activities. Our staff here is just wonderful; they are able to provide a great relationship with our residents.

“The best part of this place and job is that you learn so much. You see residents who have so much to offer and get to learn their life history. Reformed Church Home is a place for everyone. This is a family community, which is focused on providing the best senior living for our residents,” Shepard said.

The complex is located at 1990 Route 18 North in Old Bridge.

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