Parsippany: Moviegoer Saves Choking Victim

Source: Madison

On what was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday at the movies quickly turned into a life-and-death heroic act from a Parsippany resident.
While Nicolas Limanov was watching a movie at the Parsippany Cinepolis, he heard a scream from nearby: A woman’s husband was unconscious and not responding.

After advising his friend to call 911, Limanov, a public safety telecommunicator and first responder, mobilized action and administered an improvised version of the Heimlich maneuver, as the victim was seated and heavy to lift.

“The male victim in his 60’s was sweating profusely, attempting to gasp for air,” Liamov said. “At first what appeared to be a possible sign of a heart issue I quickly realized from my training that the victim was choking.”

“I directed people to help me get the man out of his seat and his coat off so I could perform the Heimlich maneuver. I was able to dislodge the piece of hard candy from his throat by providing several back thrusts along with applying direct pressure below the abdomen while he was seated forward.
“The man then coughed up the piece of candy lodged in his throat.”

Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Officer Ryan Taylor responded to the scene. The man refused further medical attention and was immediately responsive afterward.

Limanov urges others to receive certification of Basic Life Support (BLS) as you never know when your loved one, a friend or the person right beside you might need their life saved:

“This could have been tragedy if his wife had noticed he was unconscious any later.”


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Basic Life Support certification courses are available at Lifesaver’s Inc. in Fairfield NJ, and through the American Heart Association.

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