Post-Millenial Dieting : What to Stop Eating After Age 30

Source: Black
Forty’s the new 30, huh? Well, if you keep eating these foods, your 40-year old self will look like it’s 50. Start eliminate these post-millenial foods from your diet today.
Canned Soup. U.S. guidelines call for less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, but many popular canned soups carry 40 percent of the day’s recommended salt intake in just one serving. So what to eat instead? Hmmm, try homemade soup, there’s an idea.
Diet Soda. Drinks like Mountain Dew and Fresca may look less chemical filled than cola because of their lighter hue, but they’re colored with brominated vegetable oil — a chemical used in rocket fuel and flame retardants. It’s been shown to have negative effects on thyroid hormones and fertility, a primary health concern of people in their 30s.
Sugar-Free Snacks. If you’ve become thicker around the middle since turning 30, it may be a sign that your liver isn’t functioning optimally. Kicking foods make with fake sweeteners (like sugar-free gum, candies, and snacks) for low sugar, or real or raw sugar, will help your liver.
Salami and Hot Dogs. Men, to pay special attention to this: A 2014 study found an association between eating processed meats like salami and hot dogs and lower sperm count. Limit the amount of processed meat you consume. Try to get all-natural and grass-fed meats, both of which limit the number of hormones you’ll be eating.
Microwave Popcorn. In its purest form, popcorn is a healthy snack filled with energizing whole grains. But Pop Secret’s Butter Popcorn, for example, has five grams of trans fat per serving, more than double the government recommended daily limit. Go old school and pop your corn kernels on the stove.
Packaged Soy Sauce. Think of all those nights you had Chinese food takeout and used soy sauce packets on it — a mere tablespoon of the stuff has a whopping 879 milligrams of sodium!
Coffee Creamers contain titanium dioxide a chemical also found in so-called ‘healthy’ coconut milk-based varieties. They’re also typically packed with trans fats, often hiding under its lesser-known name of hydrogenated oil. It’s been shown to diminish memory in adults under 45 years old.
Protein Bars. While younger folks might be able get away with skipping breakfast or a starchy ‘weight loss’ cereal or bar, many protein bars only pack 10 grams of protein, which won’t do much in terms of keeping you full and satisfied until lunch. Swap them for a quick boiled or scrambled eggs in light butter, a homemade protein shake or real (not ‘non-fat’) yogurt with granola.
Margarine. Margarine is often made with partially-hydrogenated oils, one of the most common trans-fats. But what most people don’t know is that it may also accelerate the skin’s aging process by making the skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. Stick to the real thing–just don’t eat a lot of it.

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