Princeton: University Students Arriving From China Placed In Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

Source: ABC News NY

Students from Princeton University who traveled to China within the last two weeks are being asked to self-isolate amid growing concerns of coronavirus.

Princeton said students, faculty and staff who traveled to mainland China within the last 14 days must self-isolate until 14 days have passed since they were last in China.

The school is requiring that anyone who returned from mainland China since Jan. 16 to fill out a registration form so the university can provide them with assistance.

They are assessing the exposure risk of each person who has been in self-quarantine and placing them into risk categories: high, medium or low.

A Princeton spokesperson explained: “Individuals who are determined to be at low risk are not required to self-quarantine — we expect most of our students to fall into this category. Those at low risk may resume all activities, including attending classes and events.

“The University will continue to support individuals who choose to self-quarantine. We recognize that self-isolation is a very challenging situation for our students and are working to fully support them while following guidance from government and health officials. These students are valued members of the University community, and we are committed to ensuring they are treated as such through this difficult time.”

As of Feb 2, 2020, 108 Princeton students were in self-isolation. By the end of the next day, the number dropped to fewer than 20 students who were still being assessed.

Experts say because the strain is so new to the world stage, there is not much the public can do except wash hands frequently, seek medical help immediately if presented with symptoms, and of course, avoid travel to the Chinese central city of Wuhan — considered the ground zero for coronavirus.

Princeton also announced that until further notice, no students, faculty or staff will be approved to travel to mainland China as part of a university-sponsored program.

At Cornell University, an student living off campus presented symptoms that met criteria for testing and is currently in isolation receiving safe and ongoing care. It may take a week for that student to learn the results.

The virus has sickened more than 17,000 globally, killing more than 300, and has infected at least eleven people in the U.S. as of Feb 2.

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