Red Bank 3-Month-Old Needs Living Liver Donor

Sources:; American Transplant Foundation

Three months ago a Red Bank, NJ family welcomed a beautiful little girl and named her Edie. Something went wrong at 2 weeks: little Edie had an undiagnosed liver disease. Things turned quickly from bad to worse — on January 11, she had to be rushed to a local hospital, then airlifted to Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia.

Edie needs a liver transplant from a living donor. Yes, they can do that. They can save her life — a life so new we can’t even tell you her favorite things yet.

When a patient receives a liver transplant, his or her entire liver is removed. It is then replaced by a portion of the donor’s healthy liver.

The remaining part of the donor’s liver is sufficient to maintain normal body functions. Over approximately the next two months, the remaining and transplanted parts of both livers grow to normal size, providing normal long-term liver function for the donor and the recipient.

Studies have shown that donating part of the liver does not affect a donor woman’s ability to have children. However, it is important for doctors to know if a living donor plans on having children.

For Edie, the living donor needs to be between 21 and 30 years old, either type O or type A blood, and be under 100 pounds. If you know someone like this who just might be willing to be a hero Edie’s family is desperately searching for them.

If you could be a donor, if you know someone who could be a donor, please email Edie The Extraordinary @ gmail. com. Even if it’s just to get more information, don’t ignore this.

Think about it: Edie doesn’t have much time and she hasn’t even taken her first step yet. But if someone steps up, she can be saved. Edie’s mom and dad Bridget and Justin need a miracle: Maybe you’re it.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Edie “The Extraorindary” O’Neill’s family with expenses.
Edie is 3 months old and dying. but she doesn’t have to die. Please get word out.

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