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  • Preventing Opioid Deaths
    Sources:; NJ Poison Control Center Read more »
  • Seton Hall Graduate Nursing School Open House; Sign Sleep Research Letter by 3/27
    Sources: Seton Hall University; Project Sleep The Seton Hall University Graduate Nursing Program offers licensed nurses the opportunity to pursue a clinical specialty at the graduate level, as well as provide college graduates who have a non-nursing degree the opportunity to enter the profession through an accelerated master’s degree program.… Read more »
  • Summit: Overlook Hospital Kicks Off Its Tenth Summer Internship Program
    Source: Vascular surgeon Dr. Clifford Sales of Overlook Hospital in Summit was out one weekend with his wife Cathy and some friends who lamented that their son had no opportunities to learn about the medical field. The following Monday at work, Sales proposed what would become the Overlook Summer… Read more »
  • Adler Aphasia Center Open House and Handcraft Boutique; Newark Airport Measles Alert
    Sources: Adler Aphasia; NJ Dept. Health Something Special, the Adler Aphasia Center vocational artisan program in which stroke survivors with aphasia design and handcraft unique jewelry and gifts, will be hosting its annual Spring Boutique on Wednesday, April 3rd from 10:30 am – 7:30 pm at Adler Aphasia Center,… Read more »
  • YouTube-Censored Disability Community Fights Back with #UnSilenceSBSK
    Source: YourHHRS News This all began last month when YouTube and their parent company Google got caught with their algorithms down: pedophilia fans were able to enact a hack where they could make playlists of suggestive scenes of preteen girls and code them with time stamps. But most embarrassing, they… Read more »
  • Featured Video: ColoRectal Cancer Awareness
    Colorectal Health Awareness: #DontAssume · Fight Colorectal Cancer with a #StrongArmSelfie · Symptoms · Screening Options · Helpline: (877) 422-2030 · Donate Sources:; Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. But it also the… Read more »
  • Tom’s River Rehab Hospital Rebrands; Cedar Grove Man Sentenced for $3.5M Health Care Fraud
    Sources: Jersey Shore Online; North HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River has officially rebranded itself as Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital. While the name has changed, the commitment remains the same: Encompass Health will continue to provide high-quality, post-acute care for patients overcoming a variety of major illnesses and injuries.… Read more »
  • Disability Video Channel Censored by YouTube Out Of Fear of Online Predation
    Source: Your HHRS News I once watched a trial where the lawyer of an accused child pornographer scoffed at evidence consisting of a CD containing a thousand adult porn images and barely a dozen child porn images, and all the images being named with numbers. I thought, “Well, that’s EXACTLY… Read more »
  • Groundwater Awareness Private Well Testing Reminder
    Source: New Jersey Dept. Environmental Protection About 12% of New Jersey residents get their drinking water from private wells. While public water supplies are protected under State and Federal regulations, private well owners are responsible for monitoring the quality of their own well water and for maintaining their own wells.… Read more »
  • “Catnip Cocktail” Pet Sedative Involved in Fairfield Health Store Raid, Wayne DWI
    Sources:; NBC Philadelphia Police arrested John Sirico, the manager of a Nutrition Zone health and nutrition store in Fairfield, after a raid turned up five dozen bottles of the Catnip Cocktail dog and cat anxiety treatment, which has been linked to bizarre behavior in humans. According to police, the… Read more »