Salem County: Physician Funds Med School Scholarships, Fans Available for Qualified Seniors

Source: Salem County Reminder
Vineland: — Retired Vineland physician Frank DeMaio has announced a $1 million gift to Inspira Health Network Foundation Cumberland/Salem.
The donation, one of the largest ever made to the Foundation, will be used to create a fund that will encourage young physicians to practice in Cumberland County. DeMaio’s donation will fund a program to help recent graduates of the Inspira Vineland residency programs, and potentially other residency programs, pay off their student loans, which often exceed $200,000. To apply for this financial help, a new physician will have to agree to practice medicine full-time in Cumberland County for a minimum of four years. Inspira Vineland provides training for nearly 150 young physicians in nine different programs.
From 1963 until just a few months ago, DeMaio, took good care of thousands of people who came to his modest Vineland office for medical care. As a specialist in internal and pulmonary medicine, he cared for adults of all ages, and in all stages of health and illness. DeMaio officially retired in the spring of this year, at age 86; he was in solo practice for his entire career.
“We are training some excellent physicians at Inspira Vineland, and I want to encourage more of them to stay here and practice medicine in our community,” said DeMaio. “With a physician shortage looming, and Cumberland County having several medically underserved communities, the need for new talented young doctors is great. It is my hope that the program funded by this gift will help us keep more of our talented young physicians here, once they finish their training.”
The $1 million donation is the largest ever by a physician, and among the largest gifts ever received by Inspira Foundation Cumberland/Salem. In recognition of this gift, the Education wing of Inspira Vineland will be named the Dr. Frank DeMaio Education Center.
The Salem County Department of Health and Human Services will distribute more than 100 free box fans to eligible seniors and disabled residents during July. Distributions will be held 10 a.m.-noon at the Cedar Lane Auction on July 18. Bring proof of residency and age. A Social Security award letter or Medicare card can show proof of disability. Fans are available while supplies last. Call (856) 339-8622 or (856) 451-1207.

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