Secaucus: MedShare NE Donates Supplies for Hurricanes Irma & Harvey Victims

MedShare, a global humanitarian aid organization located in Secaucus, has mobilized our response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We are sending more than $150,000 worth of essential care supplies for people displaced by the hurricanes. Directly delivered by our partners on the ground, the supplies will support patients, families, and communities impacted by the hurricane in Texas and Florida.
The devastation of these hurricanes has left thousands of people without homes and weakened the health systems in impacted communities. Houston-area families need basic care supplies as many are still living in relief shelters.
Caribbean communities have fared even worse in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The Roy Schneider Medical Center, the only hospital on St. Thomas, was destroyed by Irma and patients have been evacuated to medical tents.
MedShare and Angel Flight Soars delivered medical supplies to Roy Schneider on September 15th, but as Hurricane Maria has been upgraded to a Category 5 storm, the patients are still in danger. To that end, MedShare:
· Is sending over 160,000 pounds of essential aid supplies, valued at more than $150,000, to communities in need from Texas to St. Thomas.
· Has established more than 30 supply drives at our locations and through our corporate and faith-based partners, including Health and Wellness Partners and Swaminarayan Gadi Temple
· Is equipping Medical Mission Teams with critical medical supplies as they travel to impacted areas to provide medical aid
· Has established special volunteer programs dedicated to preparing disaster relief supplies for delivery
MedShare is also providing disaster relief in Sierra Leone, Nepal, Haiti, and coordinating with communities impacted by Mexico’s recent 8.2 magnitude earthquake.
We know that cooperation is the key to effective aid, which is why MedShare has partnered with seven different organizations to deliver supplies directly to the people who need it most. With the help of Convoy of Hope, Texas Diaper Bank, Team Rubicon, and the San Francisco Bay community, we can support our neighbors in need as they recover and rebuild.

We encourage community members to get involved in relief efforts by donating to our supply drives, volunteering to sort medical supplies, and contributing to our Disaster Relief Fund.

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