Share The Care and Zweena Health Partner to Improve the Family Caregiving Process

Source: PR
Zweena Health, an innovator of personal health record solutions, announced today a new partnership with Share The Care, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the family caregiving community about the effectiveness of the Share The Care™ model. The goal of this partnership is to help family caregivers and give them tools, both strategic and technical, to ease their individual burden and result in a more efficient caregiving process.
Share The Care is focused on its goal of introducing their specialized model of caregiving by teaching, presenting and offering networking opportunities by its Founder and President Sheila Warnock and the Volunteer Directors of Outreach Support. Share The Care groups can be found in at least 33 states within the United States, as well as in Canada, Israel and Switzerland.
“People don’t want to think about caregiving so much until they are in it,” said Sheila Warnock. “Our focus is to educate people that caregiving training should happen now, teaching people how they should help each other so one person isn’t overwhelmed.”
“Our companies align on empowering individuals throughout the healthcare process,” said Zweena Health Founder and CEO John Phelan. “It’s our goal to help caregivers and have them focus more on what matters, their patients, than managing paperwork or tracking down health files.
“Family and group caregivers have too much to do and not enough time. Zweena Health is a powerful online tool that replaces the old-fashioned “medical binder.” The Zweena platform allows caregivers to store patient information in a secure environment that gives families, care teams and physicians the ability to view vital information with a single click of a button.”
Share The Care will be listing Zweena Health in their resource section and as a preferred partner, while Zweena will be spreading the word of this partnership and promoting it on social media. The two companies are excited to help spread the message of a more efficient family caregiving process to their communities and to the caregiving community at-large.

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