Infant Sleep Safety: Post A #SafeSleepSnap On Social Media



The term “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)” may sound scary, and the death of a baby is always heartbreaking. But there are a number of ways you can lower his or her risk while giving your baby the best care possible.

Learning about SIDS and safe sleep for babies is important for all caregivers — not just parents, but grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, childcare providers, and anyone else who might care for babies should learn more.

To help raise awareness about safe infant sleep during SIDS Awareness Month this October, we’re inviting you to participate in a fun and friendly photo activity: the #SafeSleepSnap.

We’re collecting photos of babies (up to 12 months of age) in a safe infant sleep environment (Click here or on the picture for full info):


Post a photo of your baby, grandbaby, niece or nephew in a safe infant sleep environment on your own social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), and include the hashtags #yourHHRSnews and #SafeSleepSnap. Creativity and humor are encouraged in the photos and captions, as long as the baby’s sleep environment follows safe sleep recommendations.

This is your opportunity to show off your cutie and raise awareness about safe infant sleep!

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