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The Military Sleep Method (MSM) is a straightforward way to get to sleep quickly and involves nothing more than relaxing, practicing your breathing and doing some gentle movement. Here’s how to use the MSM to fall asleep fast:

Find a comfortable position where you want to fall asleep and close your eyes.

Breathe out slowly while focusing on releasing any tension in your body, while keeping your breathing steady and relaxing the muscles in your face.

Relax your shoulders, letting them drop. Your arms and hands should also feel loose and relaxed by your body.

Continue to inhale and exhale steadily, letting the muscles in the legs and feet relax. Try to focus on letting go of any tension.

Gently flex your feet and toes, imaging a warm feeling flowing from head to toe.

Start emptying your mind of restless thoughts. Do this by either imagining you are on your back lying on a canoe that is floating on a calm lake, with a clear blue sky above you. Or imagine you’re lying on a black velvet hammock in a dark room.

If thoughts start to crowd in, simply repeat the words “Don’t think,” or any short, meaningless phrase, for ten seconds in order to clear your mind.

The MSM is a proven way for most people to relax their bodies and minds enough to fall asleep fast, and while it may not work for everyone, most report that at the very least, it leaves them feeling more relaxed.

Within a week or two, the Military Sleep Method you should be drifting off faster — or at least, put you in the mood for sleep by signaling to your brain that it’s time to wind down: an essential part of a good bedtime routine.

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