South Brunswick: Police To Reward Skateboarders For Helping 5-Year-Old with Special Needs


After a group of kids made a 5-year-old boy’s birthday a special day to remember at a South Brunswick skate park, the town’s police department asked for the public’s help identify the “superheroes” to throw them a pizza party for their kindness.

Kristen Braconi brought her son Carter, who has high functioning autism and ADHD, to a South Brunswick skate park celebrate his birthday. They had the park to themselves for about a half hour before a group of middle schoolers showed up. “He wasn’t sure if they were going to take over the park or include him.

“So he was like, ‘Oh no, I guess I’m going to have to leave’ — he doesn’t always do well with large groups of people. But these kids came up to him, started being super nice and playing and showing him things.”

Donning a blue helmet and his scooter, Carter zoomed around the park, following the group of boys and impressing them with his tricks. All of a sudden, the group of kids burst out in song, loudly singing “Happy Birthday” and bringing Braconi to tears.

One of the boys also gave him a mini skateboard and showed him how to use it, Braconi said. “When he fell, without even hesitating, Gavin picked him up and showed him how to ride. It was amazing, and they did all this without anyone prompting them,” Braconi said.

Braconi bought the boys ice cream sandwiches, and Carter happily handed them out. She noted that Carter has been trying to interact more in social groups, and this moment could be a turning point for him.

She posted video on Facebook, where it caught the attention of hundreds of residents, parents, and the South Brunswick Police Department, who posted, “These kids showed the care and compassion of Superheroes. We want to throw them a little pizza party to recognize their Superhero status.”

Within days South Brunswick police were happy to report that the kids had been identified. “Thank you to all the media and TV stations for helping us to find our #superheroes,” the department tweeted.

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