Scoliosis and Spine Health Awareness


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Scoliosis, which causes the spine to twist and curve, can strike people of any age but most often affects teenagers.

Parents don’t have to wait for the nurse to screen their child for scoliosis, which typically becomes evident between the ages of 10 and 15. Common signs include uneven shoulders, waist or hip as well as a shoulder blade that sticks out.

But one thing parents don’t have to worry about is scoliosis caused by an overweight backpack. Though overloaded backpacks can lead to muscle strain, they do not cause scoliosis, nor will good posture in childhood prevent scoliosis.

Though scoliosis in children and teens is rarely painful, it can cause young people to become self-conscious about their appearance. We know that taking these mental and emotional concerns seriously is part of treating scoliosis.

Researchers at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust have created the MESA Rail to treat scoliosis.

Current treatment, known as the Universal Spine System (USS) – a method of performing anterior scoliosis correction surgery, involves placing two circular metal rods either side of the spine which are screwed in.

But the MESA Rail, which fits in a similar fashion to the way in which a train slots into railway tracks, can be fitted more rigidly to the spine because it uses smaller screws.

In the world’s first trial of MESA Rail, it will be compared to ASC, which is cheaper, to see if it is more effective. While the MESA Rail is more costly, Mr Davies believes it could save money in the long-term if it can reduce the need for further surgery,

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