Start Setting 2017 Wellness Goals

Source: GMN Health
It’s important to make a decision, and, follow it with action. What’s the first step you can take to make this year the best yet? Develop habits of excellence. How? The experts recommend you start by setting goals. Decide what you want, and then take massive action. Want to be healthier? Set some Wellness Goals and make a new you for the New Year!

Divide your Wellness Goals into five categories:
Mental Attitude

Write them out. Written goals are more powerful and help you hold yourself more accountable and stay on track. In each of these categories, write your top three goals, in their order of importance. Don’t fixate on how you categorize your goals.
For example, if a person’s goal is to lose weight, it could be placed in the Energy, Diet, Exercise or Mental Attitude category. Place it where you think it’s best for you. You can always move it to another category if you want.
Under each goal, determine a time frame when you want to accomplish the goal. It’s been said that there are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic time frames.
After writing the goal’s target date to accomplish it by, write what you are willing to do to accomplish this goal- in detail. Be specific. Don’t just say- exercise. Instead, write your plan, for example, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday- I’ll get up at 5 a.m. and will do stretching for 10 minutes then cardio for 20 minutes; on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday- I’ll get up at 5 a.m. and do weight training, targeting these specific areas on these specific days for this projected amount of time. Remember, success is in the details.
Next, write what you are willing to give up in order to accomplish this goal. Is it that pint of ice cream each night, the five hours of TV a day, or maybe the extra hour of sleep in the morning? How about some money to invest in your wellness activities?
Finally, write what the specific benefits will be to you from accomplishing this goal. Again, be specific and make it authentic. The more jazzed you are about making it happen; the easier it is to stay the course. Most importantly, once your goals are written, read and reflect on them at least once each day. Refine and tweak them as necessary. Be sure to carve out time each day to take the necessary action steps for consistent progress.
While this may sound like a lot, it’s really easy and it’s worth it! Just check yourself to be sure that you taking continuous action.

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