Rio Grande: Stem Cell Therapy For Natural Joint Pain Relief

Source: Cape May County Herald
Did you know that surgery and medication are NOT your only options for chronic pain? Stem Cell Therapy is revolutionizing the health care industry by offering a way for patients to avoid the risks and long recovery times associated with surgery and pain medication.
Stem cells have the ability to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and improve range-of-motion within weeks of treatment. They have the ability to regenerate and rebuild damaged tissue. What makes them so amazing is that these special cells seek out areas of injury, disease and degeneration and are capable of regenerating cells in those areas. This enables an accelerated and natural healing process without the need for drugs or surgery.
As a chiropractor with an advanced specialty in Chiropractic Orthopaedics, Pain Management and Neurology, Dr. Robert Olivieri has taken on the role as an educator and has medically integrated his practice with Regenerative Medicine of South Jersey so that he can “share the future of health care with my patients in the form of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy.”
Stem Cell Therapy appears to be particularly effective in repairing cartridge and degenerative joints. It is used to rejuvenate degenerative arthritic joints such as shoulders, hips and knees. This new therapy has been extremely effective in eliminating pain and degeneration in these areas (and many others) through one simple injection. In fact, in many situations this advanced therapy has been eliminating the need for joint replacements all together!
“We’re at the beginning of a paradigm change in medicine with the promise of being able to facilitate regeneration of parts of the human body, where cells and tissues can be engineered to grow healthy, functional organs to replace diseased ones; new genes can be introduced into the body to combat disease; and adult stem cells can generate replacements for cells that are lost to injury or disease. This is no longer the stuff of science fiction. This is the practical promise of modern applications of regenerative medicine,” says Dr. Scott Gottlieb of the Food and Drug Administration.
If you are living in constant pain, tired of taking pain medication or want to avoid invasive surgery, you may be a candidate for this innovative medical procedure. Call (609) 451-2051 to learn more or visit

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