"Stop Feeding the Predators" Shines Healing Light on Childhood Sexual Abuse

Source: CityOfangelsNJ.org
Every Saturday at 8:00 – 9:00 pm EST, host Lynn Wellman pulls back the curtain on childhood sexual abuse and helps others find their healing. On Stop Feeding the Predators, a groundbreaking program on City of Angels Recovery Radio, Wellman courageously shares her personal experiences and talks with others who are healing emotionally from childhood sexual abuse.
“I don’t blame my mom,” says Wellman. “My Mom didn’t experience childhood sexual assault personally so she didn’t know what to look for and she had no idea what people were doing to me. For example, she didn’t know that when she stepped out of the room after the doctor completed my kindergarten physical, he raped me.”
This exclusive radio program helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse mentally process what happened to them so they can find their healing. At the same time, the shows provide insight for parents to help better protect their children.
In every show, Wellman tackles the tough aspects of childhood sexual abuse with honesty, empathy and respect. She describes warning signs that are often subtle and easy to miss. She offers education for parents to help protect their children and resources for individual concerns. Most importantly, by talking about these painful experiences, it breaks the hold of shame and guilt over the lives of the abused.
This radio program is named after the book written by Wellman. Stop Feeding the Predators is dedicated to helping victims of childhood sexual assault find healing from past traumas regardless of their age or where they live. City of Angels is proud to sponsor the radio portion of help for all who have been effected by sexual assault and to help protect future generations.
Tune in to Stop Feeding the Predators at http://www.coaradio.com or through the free smartphone app on Saturdays at 8:00 – 9:00 pm EST. You can listen to past episodes at http://www.coaradio.com/sftp.
City of Angels Recovery Radio is owned and operated by City of Angels NJ, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps people with addictions get into recovery and stay clean. In 2014, COA conducted more than 500 interventions and worked with over 700 families, and will work with anyone, anywhere, regardless of their insurance status, treatment history or other details. All COA services are completely free of charge. For more information or assistance, visit http://cityOfAngelsNJ.org.

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