New Jersey Band AURIN’s New Single “Brother” Mourns Suicide



When someone chooses to end their own life, the people closest to the person are impacted the most, but the devastation tends to ripple out and can affect a whole community. New Jersey-based hard rock band Aurin detail a powerful, first person account of suicide in their new single “Brother,” from their upcoming album Serotonin, set for release on September 13th.

The raw, emotional track was written by guitarist Andrew Wayne, whose brother took his own life in 2012. “It took me over five years to muster up the courage and actually write about it,” he says.

“The video is a dedication to him and the city that he loved (NYC); where he lived and died. He was a prodigal artist with an uncanny ability to portray beauty. We decided to feature his artwork, not just for the Serotonin album cover, but throughout the rest of the album as well.

“This song is dedicated not only to his memory, but to all the people that have been lost to such tragedy.”

“I miss him every single day of my life and wish that he was able to hear this song. Even though he is gone, I wanted to let people hear about the kind of after effects that suicide can cause. He saved my life, and this is the only way I can think of to honor that.“

The video for Brother shows real life accounts of people affected by suicide, with individuals holding up words of encouragement. Veteran music personality Tim “No. 37” Martinez (Fuse’s Uranium/The You Rock Foundation) stars in the video, helping to bring Aurin‘s haunting, cautionary story to life.

Adds vocalist Sarah Anderson, “We created a record that drifted a bit from our earlier and heavier music, though it was still heavily driven by our roots in hard rock. The subject matter is mainly inspired by the struggles of depression, losing loved ones to suicide, and the perseverance of hope in humanity through the decline of society.

“We hope to continue reaching out to and connecting with people through music. We have all seen our fair share of ups and downs, and we realize it was a vital step in making us who we are currently as individuals and as a band.“

Aurin’s song Brother and its album Serotonin are available on Spotify. Serotonin is also available at the band’s Web site.

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