The Beginner Workout Routine Anyone Can Do


If you’ve never worked out before and aren’t sure where to begin, this series is for you!

With Just Get Started, certified personal trainer Rob Sulaver will introduce you to beginner workouts, with a focus on proper form. This is the first step to an awesome relationship with health and fitness, so…let’s just get started!

In this Total Beginner Workout, Rob shows you four basic exercise moves, and how to progress these moves into a slightly more challenging routine. You will do these four exercises for 45 seconds each, repeating for three rounds total.

Beginner Workout

The first exercise is squats, where you’ll lower down to a 90 degree angle as if you’re sitting in a chair. Squats work your quads and your glutes. Focus on proper setup by keeping your feet shoulder-width apart with toes slightly pointed out. Keep your chest tall, and make sure your back is arched instead of rounded.

The second exercise is bent over Y’s, which work your lower shoulder muscles. To perform this move, bend at the waist and raise your arms above your head to form a Y shape. Keep your feet hip-width apart and make sure your back is nicely arched. This exercise is excellent for improving posture.

You’ll get down on the ground for the third exercise, which is knee push ups. Push ups work your chest muscles and triceps. For proper form, make sure your elbows are at a 45 degree angle in relation to your body, and try to keep your spine aligned by sinking your hips a bit.
The fourth exercise is a plank, which will strengthen and stabilize your core. Set up the plank position by stacking your shoulders directly over your elbows, and keeping your hips low. Throughout the plank, try to engage your core muscles.

Once you’ve got the basic exercises down, click here or on the photo above for a Total Beginner Workout video on how to make each move a bit more challenging!

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