This. Is. Covid. Day. 84.

Source: Andréa Ceresa (Facebook)

My sister finally decided to post because so many are asking about her. What you will read is not even the half of it. When people wonder why I’m taking Covid seriously, this is what you need to know:

This. Is. Covid. Day 84.

Currently, I am having iron infusions. My body is completely depleted of every vitamin, mineral and nutrient and I am unable to fight this HORRIFIC disease.

I have lost a minimum of 20 lbs. I have lost hearing, my eyesight blurred, a horrible rash. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet. My GI symptoms are too long to list and I am in constant pain. I’m losing my hair. I cannot eat; I am constantly dehydrated.

I have completely lost my life. I am either on the phone with a doctor, at a doctors office, the emergency room, or having a major procedure. Without my sister, I would most likely be dead.

I am one of THOUSANDS who are called “long haulers”. The symptoms are horrific — not just fever, cough, headache. I have made a permanent home on the couch, when not in the bathroom. And to think I’m one of the “lucky” survivors.

This post is not for pity. Then why am I getting so personal? Because quite honestly, I can’t imagine how people are not taking it seriously. How wearing a mask is such an inconvenience. How politics is making people believe that this is not real. I do not discuss politics on here, and I request that you do not either — I am too sick for a fight. I am asking for the sake of you and your loved ones to please be safe, and use me as an example of the reason you should.

This virus is crippling and there is not enough information to know whether the damage is permanent, or hopefully, reversible. I wish this on NO ONE! So many innocent lives lost.

More importantly, I would like to thank everyone for the constant love and support for myself and Denise. SO incredibly blessed. I have not been on Facebook or able to get back to so many, but as I sit idle for a bit, I thought I’d take the opportunity to check in and send love and safety to all. Take care of yourself and please, please be mindful of those around you. This world deserves some love and compassion right now. Love you all. ???


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