Toms River: Dad's MS inspired nurse to run caregiving business

Source: Asbury Park Press
Stephanie Howe, Comfort Keepers:
At a very young age, my father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was unable to live an independent lifestyle. In his 40s, my father was not interested in going to an assisted living facility, as he wanted life to continue on as normal as possible. With my father in mind, I wanted to be the solution for families going through similar challenges.
As a registered nurse, I always enjoyed helping others and improving their health. As the senior care industry evolved, I saw that the need for home care was growing in the Mercer County area, at which time I opened my first franchise.
The biggest challenge in home care is staffing. There is a shortage of caregivers and, because we have grown so much, we find ourselves fighting this same fight to hire good, quality caregivers to care for our families. It is important we maintain those standards, despite the shortage.
Never in a million years did I think that our company would grow to this level so quickly. The ride has been an amazing one. There are so many ways to grow, whether it be adding new office locations or adding new services. The way that I would like to see our business change is through identifying more ways for the community to use our services, especially our veterans.
At Comfort Keepers, we strive to build long-standing relationships with families, by treating others with respect, and instilling these same principles in all of our staff.
All of our offices are located in amazing, supportive communities. What I love about our Toms River location is the traffic that comes through our doors on a daily basis, even if it’s just people who want to stop in to say “hi” and have a coffee.

Comfort Keepers® has the answers you seek to all of your In-Home Care questions, whether you’re considering a home care solution for the first time or you are a long-time client.

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