Tom’s River: Lori Silver’s Cancer Battle

Source: Scott Silver

Lori Silver is a very familiar face in the New Jersey cover band scene. She and I have worked helping promote many of the top club bands for over 20 years. Lori has been fighting the battle of her life against advanced ovarian and breast cancers.

In January 2017, Lori spent over 8 hours in surgery to remove a 19-pound malignant tumor from her left ovary. Portions of her bowel, colon and bladder were also removed. A day after she was released from the hospital, she was rushed back to due to previously undetected damage to her left ureter, requiring the installation of stents and tubes to drain her left kidney.

Next, Lori was to start on chemotherapy: The goal was to shrink her breast tumor (which was the size of a baseball) to the point where it would be considered “operable.” Lori got so sick she needed to be hospitalized after each session, and she was getting weaker and weaker. It was decided that the chemo was just too dangerous to continue.

In May 2017, she contracted a very serious infection in her colon which was treated with extremely strong antibiotics which caused permanent tinnitus: Lori has to deal with constant screeching in her inner ear. Her mastectomy revealed a second tumor which been concealed by her her larger one. Unable to tolerate hormone therapy medications, Lori completed a full course of radiation therapy. During this time, we completed a bankruptcy filing.

Lori has at least two more surgeries ahead of her — an attempt to save her left kidney, and to either reverse or relocate her colostomy. She is regularly seen by a palliative care team, social workers, and psychologists who help her deal with her pain, mental, and emotional issues. As for me, I try to help her get through her “chemo-brain” episodes, make sure she has her meds straight, get her to all her appointments, and try to cook meals that don’t make her MORE sick.

Lori’s most recent tests show that her current medications are working as hoped to stop the spread of her cancer. This is the battle of a real-life, in the flesh cancer warrior. Not flashy. Not glamorous. Just gut-wrenching. These are scary times for everyone, and it means so much when friends, both old and new, take a moment to share her story. Just knowing that there are kind souls out there willing to help has bolstered us and given Lori the strength and courage to keep fighting.

The amount we’re looking for will offset our out-of-pocket expenses. This is why it’s so important to share as well as donate to Lori’s Cancer Battle. We are forever indebted to each and every one of you who have helped.

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