Tom’s River: New Jersey’s Newest “Rage Room” For Pounding Away Stress

Source: New Jersey Patch

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to take a sledgehammer to your computer and turn it into a pile of parts? A new business coming to Toms River will let you do just that.

A rage room is a specially designed place where patrons can put on protective gear, grab a hammer or a baseball bat, blast music and smash away, whether it’s crushing dishes because you’re sick of cleaning the kitchen, or whacking away at a computer and other equipment because you’re aggravated with work.

It will be the second “rage room” establishment in New Jersey (the other is in Hackensack) but the Canaleses are working to make sure their rage room has its own style. In addition to sledgehammers or baseball bats, they will be offering golf clubs and cricket bats, plus other possible weapons.

Smashin’ City Rage Room has scheduled its grand opening for April 4 at 1515 Route 37 East in the plaza that’s home to The Love Shack, said Delovi Canales, of Canales Distributions, who is opening the business with his wife, Esther. “It’s a way to let some stress out in a fun and safe environment.”

“You enter into a specially designed room, and you have a smashing good time breaking almost everything in the room to pieces. When you’re done, you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up — we take care of that!”

The couple were inspired to start the business after seeing a rage room portrayed on a TV show which planted the seed, and they have spent the last year working to bring the vision to fruition.

Delovi has instructed his mailbag delivery personnel to pick up items they see left out for bulk disposal that would be good for smashing, such as furniture. Esther Canales, who is a receptionist in a dermatologist’s office, has collected items posted for giveaway on Facebook groups.

Once patrons of Smashin’ City finish taking their frustrations out on the computers or dishes or whatever else they smash, a private disposal company will pick them up and recycle the items.

Smashin’ City will offer different packages, too, for people who want to smash alone, with friends or for a couple’s night out, which 20-minute sessions costing from $40 through $100 for one to four people.

“You know how in stores they have signs saying, ‘You break it, you bought it?'” Canales said. “Our motto will be, ‘It’s OK to break it BECAUSE you bought it!'”

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