Tom’s River: Your HHRS News Teams With Millstone Moose Lodge In Fundraising Walk For Veterans

Sources:; Your HHRS News

Operation: Ruck iT is an annual march sponsored by MA Deuce Deuce (MA22) to raise awareness of — and funding to fight back against — the 22 daily suicides of American’s military veterans.

This year’s event will allow for continuing the MA22 mission with a 2.2-mile march around Toms River New Jersey, beginning at Huddy Park in the heart of the downtown area at 3:00pm on Friday, November 10th. And this year, Your HHRS News is pleased to join up with the Cavern Dwellers “Rucker” team of the Cavern At The Millstone NJ Moose lodge to help with this important effort.

Although not required, “Ruckers” are encouraged to register and to join in the wearing of the coveted Marine SILIKES shorts and a 22-pound pack or weighted vest. You may also want to bring a change of clothes as temperatures will be sure to vary. Water will be provided, but we suggest you bring a bottle or hydration system with you as well.

Online donations can be made through September 17 — just go to this Web page, select or enter the amount of your donation, start typing RocknationAC (Cavern Dwellers) in the attribution dropdown box, then click on Continue. For info on making offline contributions and business sponsorships, please send an email to dad desso @ ma 22. org.

Ruck iT 2023 will conclude in front of the Garden State Distillery with the presentation of prizes to the top team and individual fundraisers, followed by an after party which that also celebrate the 248th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps. From 5 to 11pm, there will be food, drinks, music, and fun for ALL — and you don’t need to be a Marine to celebrate!

Your tax deductible donation will help offset expenses to make Ruck iT 2023 happen. In the end, your charitable donation helps us cut costs and apply funds where it’s needed — by veterans.


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