Tourette's Awareness Day in Jefferson Township

Sources: North, NJ Center for Tourettes Syndrome
Kyla Butler clutched her copy of an official Township of Jefferson Proclamation proudly at the Wednesday, April 22, council meeting.
Joan and Kyla Butler listen to Mayor Russell Felter read a proclamation for Tourette’s Awareness Day in Kyla’s honor.
Kyla, a fifth grader at Rev. Brown School in Sparta, is on a mission to let kids know things can change and even when something seems devastating it will get better. She knows first-hand about that.
A year ago, Kyla learned the tics and other strange-seeming symptoms she was experiencing added up to Tourette Syndrome (TS), an inherited neurological disorder.
Although characterized by involuntary physical and vocal tics, Tourette Syndrome can also be accompanied by other conditions, including attention deficit and obsessive compulsive disorders, learning disabilities, and depression, according to information from the township’s proclamation.
“It’s been a tough year,” her mother, Joan, said at the council meeting. She found a specialist in New York City soon after Kyla started manifesting symptoms and now the girl is on mild medication and biofeedback which is helping a great deal. (She also) mentioned occasional visual problems with computer screens and other small issues that could interfere with schoolwork. A few modifications have helped Kyla do well in school. She is also an accomplished skier, ranking 9th in the state.
Tourette Syndrome affects more than 20,000 school-age children in New Jersey. This state has the only statewide center supporting Tourette Syndrome.
The NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome provides services to families and educates medical professionals, teachers and social workers and supports study into the signs and symptoms of TS and research into treatments.
Soccer superstar Tim Howard is returning home to New Jersey and invites you to hear his inspirational views on acceptance, anti-bullying, soccer, the World Cup and life with Tourette Syndrome!
The first 300 kids to register will participate in an on-field clinic led by Rutgers Men’s Soccer team during the event. All proceedswill benefit the NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy– a four-day intensive training designed to challenge.

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