Trisomy Awareness 2015: Jump4Trisomy


The 2015 #Jump4Trisomy Awareness Challenge is designed to raise awareness of Trisomy and in doing so, educate and inform…We wanted an activity that is easily adaptable for any age or ability…Best of all, we all have the ability to either move or have someone help us move!

Be creative in your #Jump4Trisomy…In addition to jumping jacks, you can just jump up and down, jump rope, jump on a trampoline — our wish list even includes getting a group of skydivers!

When you have created your video, please share it to the #Jump4Trisomy Facebook Page…and be sure to include the #Jump4Trisomy hashtag… If we can be UNITED in our message, we will have a greater chance of being heard!

So wrote SOFT (Support Organization for Trisomy) last month — and to which we replied:

But wait, there’s more. Videos bearing the #Jump4Trisomy hashtag and submitted to YouTube or Facebook…will also be eligible to appear in a compilation video that will run on the home page of YourHHRS the week of March 29!

That was four weeks ago. Two weeks ago, a 90-second compilation “trailer” appeared on the home page as promised. In between was a journey through six dozen video clips that also served as glimpses into the lives that trisomy touches. And now for the main event: the full-length feature.

We’re grateful to all the jumpers, Van Halen for providing the perfect theme music, and SOFT, of course, who are welcome to add this to their YouTube channel. Most of all, we’re grateful for the reminder that the lives of people with trisomy must go on long after the national awareness month passes.

But don’t translate that into expecting to watch a pity party. Quite the opposite — you’re about to have four and half minutes of as much fun as you can with clothes on. Besides, it was SOFT’s idea that they should present a united message.

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