Ultimate Fitness Training Center: Stretching and Mobility Sessions Available

Source: Ultimate Fitness Training Center.com
New stretching and mobility sessions have just been introduced at Ultimate Fitness Training Center, a gym and personal health center in Monmouth County, NJ.
The sessions are in line with owner Eddie Albert’s holistic approach to health and fitness, using natural remedies like exercise, diet, stretching, mobility improvement and massage therapy to help heal and prevent certain injuries and pain.
The one-on-one partner assisted stretching and mobility sessions at Ultimate Fitness are performed by Chris Alesi, CSCS CPT CN.
As a Corrective Exercise Specialist- CES, Chris designs specific stretching and mobility programs to free clients from low back, neck and shoulder pain.
These specialized stretching and mobility sessions can rapidly and radically re-organize, re-align and re-educate the entire body to function as a whole. Other benefits may include enhanced relaxation, reduced pain, restored function and increased flexibility.
Stretching is also greatly beneficial for athletes and can help increase range of motion, increase muscle tone, recuperate from and prevent injuries.
Some of the techniques that may be used in the sessions include Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy and Sacro-Occipital Technique. Chris may also incorporate Kinesiology and Classical Homeopathy principles for certain clients to cement the healing and energizing changes.
For more information on the stretching and mobility sessions at Ultimate Fitness in Monmouth County, NJ, please visit http://ultimatefitnesstrainingcenter.com/stretching-mobility.

Ultimate Fitness Training Center is a 24-hour gym at 1540 Rte 35 in Ocean, New Jersey (732 531-3586) offering personal training, holistic health consulting, diet and more.

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