VetWork To Move Their Headquarters; Toms River Distillery To Donate Bourbon Sales to Veterans

Sources:, Garden State Distillery

Lacey Township officials have confirmed that a new location has been secured for the non-profit organization Vetwork.

Veronica Laureigh, the township’s business Administrator and municipal clerk, announced that the township intends to make space for the veteran’s support service in the building occupied by the Lacey Food Bank located at 102 Station Drive in Forked River.

“We met with Bernie Snyder (Vetwork Board of Directors member),” said Laureigh. “We brought them to the Food Bank and showed them how there was enough room for each association to have their own HVAC system, bathrooms, and private offices.”

Vetwork currently occupies 103 North Main Street in Forked River, which Snyder, a retired Lacey police officer, identifies as the historic Worden House. The original owners built the home in 1863 and had two sons who fought in the Civil War.

Vetwork helps veterans to access essential services, such as food, housing, and healthcare, and also provides counseling and support services to veterans who are struggling with PTSD, addiction, and other challenges.

Vetwork maintains a food pantry that provides free food to veterans in need. The organization also works to ensure that all veterans have a roof over their heads. In some cases, Vetwork serves as an intermediary with the government to secure services for veterans who are having difficulty accessing them.

Earlier this year, Vetwork partnered with the Lacey United Methodist Church to provide transitional housing to veterans in need. Once a Catholic rectory, the four-bedroom home is now filled to capacity.

“We’re very happy that Lacey Township was able to find a spot for us,” said Vetwork Executive Director Tom Kiselow, a US Marine Corps veteran, “so we can continue our mission to help our local veterans.”


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