Vineland, Moorestown Yoga Classes For Families

Source: Courier Post Online
Natalie Vargas-Suppi, the owner of Peace Love Yoga, says she was inspired to start a family yoga class after teaching a yoga workshop for Girl Scouts a few years ago.
“It was such a great day,” says Vargas-Suppi, mother of Ethan, 7, and 4-year-old Veronica. “The moms were jumping in and helping out, and the girls were at such a great age to learn because they have no fear.”
Vargas-Suppi’s husband Andrew manages the business, and they wanted to make a family class so aunts, grandparents, dads, or any relative or caregiver can come with the child. She says yoga has an amazing community, and can help children find ways to cope with stress.
“Kids are constantly being stimulated by parents, teachers, technology, but we are not teaching them how to recognize and cope with their emotions,” says Vargas-Suppi. “Yoga class teaches kids to balance their bodies and life. It can help them reach their fullest potential.”
Children taking yoga classes have fun, too, she says. “The kids love to balance on one foot and do handstands and other adventurous stuff,” she says. “Our goal is to help them have a happier, healthier and longer life.”
At Yoga Path Studio in Moorestown, owner Veronica Jensen offers classes for children regularly as well as a series for mothers and daughters. She says yoga is very rewarding for children, and she feels lucky to witness their achievements in the practice.
“Here kids can express themselves without being judged,” says Jensen. “They feel safe, happy and healthy. Many kids feel pressured to prove they are the best in school or sports, but here they do what is best for them. It makes them feel secure, confident and teaches them how to focus which can lead to better school work.”
Jensen says families that practice yoga together are also making a positive connection with each other.
“It develops a better relationship,” she says. “They can be open and friendly with each other.
“When they are practicing together it changes the way they look at each other and life in a very positive way. It brings more things into perspective, and creates a special bond.”

The Family Flow class is offered at Peace Love Yoga, 3722 Landis Ave., Vineland. For more information, call (856) 265-8097 or visit
Yoga classes for children ages 4 -8, and 9-12, as well as a mother daughter series, are available at Yoga Path Studio, 217 Chester Ave., Moorestown. For more information, call (856) 669-9642 or visit

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